Buyer Information

Why Use a Buyers Agent?
The purchase of a home is largest purchase most of us will ever make. Having adequate representation is important. In most cases the seller will be represented to make sure that they get the best deal possible. The seller’s agent is paid to look out for the seller’s best interests, NOT THE BUYERS. In most cases the seller has agreed to pay for all real estate commissions, even if the buyer doesn’t use a buyers agent.  This means that the seller has already agreed to pay for your representation.

A buyer’s agent has several tools available to help speed up and simplify the process of finding you the perfect home. Using MLS access among other professional sites, an agent has the ability to search specific areas, price ranges,  and school districts. At NextHome Leeward & Company we have added tools that you will have access to that will benefit you during and after the buying process is complete.

Our mobile connect app gives you the power to search for homes in your desired area. The app has a mortgage calculator that will give you an estimate of the monthly payment. This is a great tool even if you are not quite ready to buy, but would like to keep your options open by knowing what homes are available. I have inserted a link, please feel free to download the app and home shop at your leisure.

NextHome App